Heat power engineering

"Interpolis" is a leading company in DH-line construction in the Ural Federal District. We offer a full range of services in pipeline and related facilities construction. The company carries out projects for the construction of heat supply systems of any diameter and purpose.

The company promotes the construction of a new generation pipelines on the Russian market. It is high-quality pipeline systems with polyurethane foam (PUF) insulation and Operational Remote Control System (emergency system). Currently it is the most cost-effective type of pipeline construction, which ensures long service life (30-35 years) and reduces capital, maintenance, repair costs. Operational Remote Control System (ORC System), an important component of the polyurethane pipe insulation, allows heat supply companies to monitor the DH lines performance, informs about the appearance of faults and determines the location of damage without DH line operation disturbance. Furthermore, the usage of these technologies increases the quality level of services to the customers.

Additionally "Interpolis" installs heat metering stations on DH lines. These metering stations can be used for commercial accounting of transported energy as well as monitoring the main operational parameters of heat supply system.

The quality of welding engineering is essential for pipeline and other infrastructure construction. "Interpolis" implemented a combined welding method: manual arc welding and semi-automatic welding that ensures high performance and zero defects due to the continuity of welding process. It allows achieving the high quality and working efficiency. "Interpolis" is the only company in the Ural region which certified and implemented this technology. Quality of welding joints are tested with certified NDT laboratory.

The company is involved in further project life cycle and carries out operation and maintenance of DH-lines