Strategic profile

Dear colleagues and partners!

"Interpolis" is a modern company developing according to the trends of the 21st century that are innovations, resource-saving, energy efficiency, ecological compatibility. In order to meet the Russian economy demands "Interpolis" is participating in power industry modernisation. Our activity is connected with the state-of-the-art engineering and construction as well as technological rearmament of the heat and power sector.

Our history includes 18 years of successful experience in the project implementation. It is obvious for us that success will be impossible without sustainable development. In order to be able to meet our Customers’ needs timely and in full scale the company has increased its assets and innovative potential as well as expanded its area of activities.

Thanks to our skilful and highly motivated staff, our comprehensive production facilities and advanced technologies "Interpolis" has gained reliable Partners and repeat Customers. The company motto is Quality, Reliability and On-time Construction. It means that our top priorities are favourable conditions for cooperation and long-term relationships.

 "Interpolis" is a team of specialists who develop the best possible solution for your project. We consider each project as unique and customize projects to the Client's needs. It helps us to offer solutions which will be basis for sustainable development far into the future.

The Russian engineering market is growing rapidly; some foreign engineering companies have appeared. In these circumstances it is important not only to offer the best quality product, we should offer a new level of relations between Contractors and Customers, a new quality of implementation and project management.

Best regards,
CEO of OOO "Interpolis"
Andrey Semykin