In 2012 "Interpolis" has launched a new large scale projects.


"Interpolis" organises and carries out demolition and preparatory works at construction site of ChGRES for the construction of two new power generating units combined cycle type 247.5 MW each.There are 70 objects for demolition.

Currently "Interpolis" has completed tens of major projects, which it is proud of. "Interpolis" as a strategic partner of OAO Fortum has participated in accomplishing of energy conservation projects.


Design and implementation Automatic system for commercial accounting of heat energy (ASCAHE) for generating capacity of OAO Fortum in Chelyabinsk. Project includes installation of 5 Automatic systems, which consists of 65 modern metering stations.
  Modernization of the heat supply system in Chelyabinsk under OAO Fortum investment program. This project is to integrate all heat sources into a single ring circuit, first of this kind in Russia. "Interpolis" executed a phase one of the project, turnkey construction of a big diameter DH line (1020 mm) from Chelyabinsk CHP-3 to Chelyabinsk GRES networks 15.5 km in a total length. Construction was completed on a very tight schedule in only 4 months.
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  Design and implementation Automatic system for commercial accounting of heat energy for JSC "UHPC" in Tyumen. This system provides accounting of heat supplied to the Consumers (the heat distribution companies) across the Tyumen city that is unique for the Russian Federation. The system monitors all operational parameters in real time. It consists of 159 heat metering stations, which transfer data available to computer work station for processing, analysis and storage. The system has potential for development: additional functions and consumers can be added.
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The large-scale infrastructure projects in "Interpolis" portfolio:

2009 / 2010

Design, construction and put into operation DH-line for new residential districts under construction (Churilovo - 80,000 residents, Krasnopolskaya plochshadka - 30,000 residents).

Upgrade of the heat supply system, extra DH-lines for large residential districts of Chelyabinsk city (Metallurgichesky district, AMZ district).


Construction of trunk DH line for AMZ district (residential district of Chelyabinsk) 3.8 km in total length. It is high-quality pipeline systems with polyurethane foam (PUF) insulation and Operational Remote Control System (emergency system). The trunk DH line was built and put into operation in 3 months.


A trunk DH line from ChCHP-3 to ChMZ district provided additional heat supply for Metallurgichesky district of Chelyabinsk.  Construction was completed on a very tight schedule in only 3.5 months.