Nondestructive testing

Nondestructive testing (NDT) of welding joints are increasingly asked for on the construction market. This is due primarily to the fact that welding joints are suffered the most from defects of any kind as well as welding defects lead to loss of physical properties both materials and construction. NDT allows testing of welding joints on the operational suitability preserving the joints integrity and suitability of construction as well.

"Interpolis" NDT laboratory is certified for testing of welding joints and issuance of testing results. Testing is performed only by certified personnel with modern equipment.

Units under test:

1. Manufacturing, installation, repair and reconstruction of boiler units:
1.1 Boiler equipments.
1.3 Vessels under pressure over 0.07 MPa.
1.4 Steam and hot water pipelines under working pressure over 0.07 MPa and temperature over 115 0C.

2. Gas systems (gas distribution systems):
2.1 External gas pipelines.
2.2 Parts and assemblies, gas equipments.
2.3 Internal gas pipelines.

11. Infrastructure and facilities:
11.1 Metal constructions.

   Methods of NDT:

  • visual and measuring testing;
  • ultrasonic testing.

The Certificate of registration of non-destructive testing laboratory