Interpolis completed on time the capital repair of water supply network of Chelyabinsk city


Interpolis completed works on capital repair program for MUP Production Association of Water Supply and Sanitation, the water supply operator in Chelyabinsk.

The number of hot spots on the map of Chelyabinsk water network has been significantly decreased. Specialists of Interpolis company are proud of the fact that rather ambitious projects were carried out on time. About 10 km of water mains were designed and laid for 4 months.

In 2014 Interpolis has executed projects of high social significance, for example, overhaul of water supply network in Airport settlement, one of Chelyabinsk municipal area. Old network was in poor condition with high rates of accidents. It was necessary to replace about 3,000 meters of water supply grid under the project. The scope of work was rather large, also all the wells of water supply networks were replaced.

Obviously, the city is a single living organism and all utilities are closely related. Also Interpolis specialists carried out work to improve the reliability of heat supply of Chelyabinsk, namely to provide uninterrupted water supply for the North-Western boiler. Previously, the boiler had only one water supply input, it was a big risk. Now, water supply to the boiler is provided by two inputs, that meets demands of Russian Industrial regulations.