Works are at full speed in Chelyabinsk GRES


In 2014 Interpolis has continued construction work in ChGRES where two CCGT units with capacity of 247.5 MW have been built.

The project is important for Chelyabinsk and included in the list of projects of strategic importance for Chelyabinsk region. New CCGT units can generate electrical and heat power as well. Heat of new units is aimed to heat supply of most of Chelyabinsk districts. Additional heating capacities are especially important for North-West part of the city where new-built residential estates have appeared.

Since 2012 Interpolis company has been regular contractor for construction and installation works at ChGRES construction site. In 2014 the company won the contract for construction of pipelines in power plant area. Mainly they are industrial pipelines which connect a new main building with city heat network. Some of them are aimed to operability assurance of power plant.

Interpolis specialists believe that performance of works for this type of project is always an important and responsible task. Pipelines have been constructed in space-limited environment with numerous crossings with other service lines in close cooperation with other contractors for the project. Pipeline installation is carried out at a height of 10 meters on 3-and 4-tiered racks along with other utilities.

Interpolis has succeeded in building as soon as possible even when pace of construction is accelerated due to changes in the schedule of works. Meeting deadlines of construction is considered as a critical factor that affects not only the fact of putting or not putting the facility on time, but also the efficiency of the investments of the Customer. Interpolis understands the importance of its commitments and independently carries out internal control of timing and quality of construction work.