Heat for shopping mall ALMAZ


In 2014 Interpolis has taken part in construction of shopping mall ALMAZ.

It is the third size among the largest shopping malls in Russia, and after the opening it will be the largest in Chelyabinsk. In 2014 its construction has entered in final phase. In this regard, there has been a necessity for its connection to city district heating. Interpolis specialist have had to lay more than 1000 meters of pipeline in two-pipe design, mount 3 bridge crossings, lay pipes under Eniseyskaya street. 

The works were carried out in a short time; the active phase of construction fell in August and September 2014. Pipeline laying under Eniseyskaya street, rather active highway in industrial zone of Chelyabinsk was entirely carried out for 48 hours including restoration of the roadway.  

Turkish construction company Yenigun has been General Contractor for the project. Interpolis has a wide experience of participation in investment projects implemented by international companies. The quality of construction work and business processes in the company are in a strict compliance with Russian and international standards. Interpolis specialists believe that communication with foreign players of the construction market is always an interesting experience. Usually there are no difficulties in the communication because professionals of all countries speak the same language.