Heat came into houses of Novosineglazovo residents


"Interpolis" completed building heating network in Novosineglazovo ahead of a schedule.

All work for construction of heating network was completed on the 1st of October 2014. Interpolis developed a technical decision of heat supply in Novosineglazovo, performed design work, got all necessary approvals and built about 2 km of heating mains with different diameters (calculated in two-pipe design). Construction and installation work was done in a tight schedule - only for 4 months. All stages of the project beginning with the primary acquisition and ending with putting mains into operation were done for 6 months. It is a record term for such scope of work.

In addition it was a project of high social importance. Heat supply of 15,000 villagers and institutions of social infrastructure are depended from its successful implementation. Therefore, the project called attention to the authorities, the public and the press. Not once Interpolis specialists had to work at gunpoint photo and video cameras, proving their professionalism, demonstrating a high level of work culture.

The company is proud that the project was implemented ahead of a schedule. A new built heating system has a high level of reliability.

But the main achievement is that Interpolis justified hopes of Novosineglazovo residents and heat came in their houses with the beginning of heating season.





Earlier Novosineglazovo settlement was supplied with heat from 3 different boilers belonging to different companies. In 2011 they informed municipal authorities that since 2011 these 3 boilers will be taken out of operation. Heating in Novosineglazovo has been a problem for a long time. Old boilers and out-of-repair heating system didn't provide proper temperature in residents' houses; they suffered without hot water in summer as boilers didn't work in this period.

New modern gas heating plant with capacity 32 megawatt is provided heat for Novosineglazovo. A new heating plant is more effective and reliable, operates automatically, so it can be services by only 2 men.

Building a new heating plant demanded to replace all service lines including heating system. Old heating network was in poor condition and couldn't bear new heat load.