Interpolis is building networks for new heating plant in Novosineglazovo


Interpolis completed the phase one of project implementation in Novosineglazovo that was designing of new district heating in the settlement.

In 2014 Interpolis has become a member of a landmark project connected with providing heat supply for Novosineglazovo settlement, which is an administrative part of the city of Chelyabinsk. The problem with heat supply has existed for a long time there. Residents of Novosineglazovo suffered from frequent outages due to the high accident rate of heating network as well as low temperature in their homes in the winter because of undercapacity of old boilers.  It is no exaggeration to say that the old pipes could be pierced by a finger. With plans ahead to decommission all old boilers villagers would have a risk to remain without heat supply at all.

Design department of Interpolis company received a task to design a modern heating network for the village so that a new heating plant can provide heat for all residents. A ring heating scheme was selected for the project, which will ensure an uninterrupted supply of heat and hot water both in case of repair work and in event of any fault. During designing special attention was paid to reliability of heat supply of the social infrastructure facilities like schools, kindergartens and hospitals.

A huge amount of work was done during design stage because of heating scheme was changed completely and it was necessary to lay new traces for heating network. This is due to the fact that earlier the settlement had been supplied with 3 different boilers, now heat will come from a new heating plant.

Work started from the primary acquisition and terrain study, engineering investigations were conducted (geological and geodetic surveying). It was a basis for pre-design of new traces. After main designing solutions and basic heating scheme were approved by Project Owner the Design Department of Interpolis started to elaborate design documents for 5 projects sites at once.

It was very interesting project in terms of designing. It included all types of pipelaying like subsurface pipelining (in canals and trenchless), above-ground pipelining on high and low-height supports. Different types of thermal distortion compensation were used. Hydraulic calculation required a considerable experience and a large amount of effort as well. Company specialists had to go beyond the scope of the project, which has included only new heating mains, and take into account distribution system of all settlement, which included parts of old existing network. Moreover old heating pipelines have to bear new loads.

In addition the company design engineers had to take into account all existing and new-build communications in a dense residential area. Design of water, gas and electricity supply networks and sewerage system for the new heating plant run parallel and should be considered too. So, Interpolis specialists worked in close cooperation with other project contractors.

It was a great merit of Interpolis specialists who managed to complete the entire amount of design work on time and get a positive expert opinion, which marked the beginning of the next phase of the project - construction and installation works.