Interpolis completed the capital repair program of heat distribution lines in Chelyabinsk.


100 projects of capital repair of heat pipelines were done on time - by the beginning Judo World Championship 2014.

In summer 2014 during hydrostatic testing Interpolis executed the capital repair of heat distribution lines in Chelyabinsk. Totally 100 projects were done where old pipes were renewed. They were pipe sections of different diameters from 57 mm to 500 mm and with length from several meters up to 400 meters.

Technically for Interpolis specialists this type of work was not difficult. At the same time the company had to fulfill rather large scope of work including excavation and site investigation, working out of design documentation, construction and installation works.

Organisational management for the project was rather challenging task due to compressed time schedule limited by terms of hydrostatic testing. For 4 stages of hydrostatic testing, each of which lasted for only 2 weeks, Interpolis specialists had to perform 100 projects located throughout the city. On average 25 projects were done each 2 weeks. It required a good work management, coherence among company's departments, a lot of material and human resources. So, 18 construction teams worked simultaneously in the construction sites.

Rigid adherence to the terms of works was due to holding Judo World Championship in Chelyabinsk in August 2014. Some works were carried out in the city centre on guest routes and on the way of the presidential cortège. It was necessary not only to complete all works on time, but also reconstruct violated landscaping in order to Chelyabinsk was able to meet the guests in full glory.