From Parkovyi-1 to Parkovyi-2


Construction of heating systems for the new residential districts.

In 2010 - 2012 Interpolis carried out construction of heating mains and distribution lines for Krasnopolsky development area (Parkovyi-1), in 2014 the Company won the contract for construction of heating system for new-built residential estates Parkovyi-2.

All works were divided at 5 stages. At the moment works has been completed by 70%, more than 3 km distribution lines have been laid, 14 apartment buildings have been connected to district heating. The works have been conducted ahead of schedule, houses of the 1st and the 2nd stages of construction have been supplied with heat in November 2014. It has allowed to start finishing works. So in February 2015 the first residents will get keys from their apartments.

Interpolis has used modern materials and energy saving technology for the project.  The separate heat metering unit was installed for the housing complex. It has been equipped with flow sensors with high-accuracy. Besides heat metering it will allow to monitor heating system and provide information in case of any leakage. In addition it has an option of automatic data transfer to a central control station of power supply company.