Reconstruction of ash-and-slag pipelines at Chelyabinsk CHP-2


Interpolis completed works for design and reconstruction of ash-and-slag pipelines of power plant.

Ash-and-slag pipeline is an important element of ash-and-slag removal system at any coal-fired power plant. In 2013 Interpolis executed the 1st stage of project; survey and design works were done.

Construction and installation works were planned for 2014. 3 branches of ash-and-slag pipeline 650 meters each have been reconstructed for 4 months. The complexity of work consisted in the fact that one of the 3 branches of the pipeline should always be in working condition, so as not to disturb the production process at power station.

In addition 50 meters of each pipeline should be laid underground under Lineynaya street which is the only traffic artery between Churilovo (one of Chelyabinsk district) and other districts of Chelyabinsk. The underground works were carefully prepared, detour was organised. All works were carried out for 2 days. On Friday evening traffic in Lineynaya street was blocked. On Monday morning traffic was restored.