Building a new heating network in Novosineglazovo


Interpolis completed the designing stage and proceeded to construction and installation work.

Total will be laid 5 sections of heating pipelines with diameters from 200 mm to 500 mm and total length of 1935 meters in two-pipe design. 4 pipeline sections are new-built mains from new heating plant to existing heat supply network and 1 section is a reconstruction of old pipeline.

Building process is conducted in a dense residential area saturated by communication lines that's why the project includes almost all types of pipelining like subsurface pipelining (in canals and trenchless), above-ground pipelining on high and low-height supports. The main thing is that a modern heat supply system will be built and it will allow to supply heat to the residents’ houses and social institutions reliably and efficiently.

Interpolis has only 4 months for the realization of the construction part of the project, so the work is carried out all the daylight hours seven days a week. The rapid pace of construction is ensured with hard work of several teams at all construction sites at once and the availability of the necessary equipment and technology. Rigid adherence to the schedule of work is due to the need to coordinate activities with other participants of the project which is laying other service lines for the new heating plant.

Construction of new heating plant and new service lines for it is considered as a project of high social significance and constantly monitored by the city Administration. Progress reports are provided at the weekly meetings in the Office of Capital Construction of Chelyabinsk.

Sergey Davydov, City Manager of Chelyabinsk, held a visiting meeting at the construction site. The City Manager lingered on at the presentation stand of Interpolis where all heating supply network was depictured with an indication of schedule and output work queue. The company's work has received positive feedback, after which the City Manager expressed confidence that the project will be completed on time.