Construction of DH-lines for the new-built residential district called AKADEM Riverside continues


For the construction season of 2014 Interpolis company laid about 3.5 km of heating lines and connected 37 new houses to heating system.

Construction of heating systems for the new residential districts is one of the core activities of the company. Interpolis experience includes construction of heating systems for all large comprehensive development projects for last 5 years.

In 2013 Interpolis began construction of heating systems for AKADEM Riverside. The basic mains and distribution lines were built last year. Heat came to the first commissioned apartment buildings. Works for connection new apartment buildings to the heating systems were planned for 2014. Works were carried out in 3 construction sites at once. 37 apartment buildings were connected to heating system in 2014 in total. Total length of pipes which have been laid for two years is about 15 km.

Interpolis used modern materials and energy saving technology for the project. It ensures a high level of reliability in new district. It also supports the common trend in building sector of Chelyabinsk to create an environment which is comfortable to live in. That is why in June 2014 AKADEM Riverside became a part of visiting program of Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev when he visited Chelyabinsk.