"Interpolis" - 2012 results and future prospects

Construction season is coming to an end and ... continues!

At the end of the year "Interpolis" traditionally sums up the results of the construction season of outgoing year and makes plan for the future. Construction season 2012 has been quite eventful. "Interpolis" has executed huge volume of work on development of district heating network in Chelyabinsk. Our company has continued construction of engineering infrastructure for the new district of Chelyabinsk city - built trunk pipeline connecting Krasnopolsky construction area and North-West boiler plant as well as distribution DH networks for new residential blocks in Churilovo district, reconstructed the existing pipeline systems along main traffic arteries in Chelyabinsk.

Tyumen branch of "Interpolis" has participated in modernisation program of communal infrastructure aimed at modernisation and development of DH system of Tyumen city.

In 2012 "Interpolis" took part in large-scale industrial construction project, which is considered as an important for the Ural region industry development - construction of 2 combined-cycle power units at Chelyabinsk GRES, branch of OAO "Fortum". "Interpolis" carried out demolition work and prepared the site for future construction in record time of two months and a half. It gave the Owner the opportunity to proceed to next phase of the project in 2012.

"Interpolis" is a full-cycle company and such a term like "season" is rather conditional. The phase of active construction is almost completed, but company is already working on 2013 projects. Currently there is a very favourable situation in Chelyabinsk region; entering on the energy market such a major player as Fortum Corporation and an active development of the building sector in Chelyabinsk region allows to predict the appearing of large investment projects. It is a strong growth-driver for the companies which want and are able to provide EPC(M) services according to international quality standard.

Over few last years "Interpolis" has participated in large projects in district heating development. In 2011 "Interpolis" completed the phase one of the Ring scheme of Chelyabinsk heat supply system - 7.7 km big diameter pipeline was built. The trunk heat pipeline connects Chelyabinsk CHP-3 and Chelyabinsk GRES. In 2012 "Interpolis" won a contract for the construction of next part of Ring scheme, heat pipeline between Chelyabinsk CHP-1 and CHP-2. The project is considered as more challenging as it includes construction of new heating capacities and power plant equipment upgrade as well. Currently "Interpolis" experts are conducting exploration and survey works at the facilities and then they'll move to design phase. New project will allow using heating capacities of Chelyabinsk CHP-1 and CHP-2 more effectively and increasing reliability of heat supply to Consumers.

A number of projects were delivered, but the most interesting ones wait ahead. "Interpolis" has technologically advanced production facilities and know-how, management and expert experience and commitment to constant development. Our company is interested in participating in high-tech projects and ready to offer modern technological and management decision.