The Builders Day 2012


“Healthy lifestyle, fresh air and team spirit” was the main motto for the Builders Day in "Interpolis".

According to tradition the Builders Day is annually celebrated as special event in "Interpolis". In 2012 the celebration was held in one of the most beautiful place of the South Ural near Lake Turgoyak.

The celebration started with sport team game "Let's build the company together" which was special surprise for the company's employees.  All the employees were divided into some teams which competed between themselves in speed, strength and agility as well as in decision making and ability to cooperate. The result was that all the teams made their contribution in cause and actually built a company together.

The official part of the celebration included greeting for the employees on behalf of company management and summarising the intermediate results of building season 2012. The best company's employees were awarded by Certificates of Honour.

The ceremony of "Builder is the best profession" Contest winners awarding started an informal part of the holiday. The festive mood was supported by warm and friendly atmosphere, beautiful nature and pine forest flavor.

Bright and cheerful holiday created pleasant memories for all the employees. "The holiday gave us an inspiration and a fund of positive energy as well as strong desire to move forward. You feel that you can cope with any challenges ahead. It's great to be supported by such a strong team!" "It is unforgettable memories. I especially enjoyed sport events and outdoor activities. They helped me to gather strength in the midst of construction season, understand how team works and just socialise with colleagues."