"Graduates Day" in "Interpolis"


"Interpolis" attracts young professionals and graduates with required qualifications and offers an interesting job in the dynamically developing company.

One of the main areas of personnel management in "Interpolis" is to attract young professionals and raise its own experts. The company recruits graduates with appropriate qualifications and degree results and provides them opportunities for development.

In 2012 "Interpolis" employed 9 graduates from the architectural and constructional faculty, economics and management faculty, health and safety in technosphere faculty of South Ural State University.

Some graduates have begun their acquaintance with the company and its corporate culture during "Graduates Day". This event is a good opportunity for young employees to communicate with the company management and hear the parting words of mentors as well as represent themselves and announce their plans for the future.

Currently mentoring system is implemented in the company in order to assist the junior member of the staff in his/her career. Mentors who can share their knowledge and experience are attached to each junior employee. They are responsible for first steps of young colleagues on their way from graduate to expert. The expert who is able to solve difficult tasks and implement modern technologies and business practices as well as accomplish unique projects.

"Graduates Day" was held in a friendly, informal style. The young employees took an oath and heard best wishes in response.