Participation in workmanship contest of welders for a prize of NP SRO "SKK UrSib"


Representative of "Interpolis" showed good results and took the 4th place among welders of Chelyabinsk region.

On June 28, 2012 representative of "Interpolis" took part in contest "The best welder of NP SRO "SKK UrSib", which was held under support of Ministry of Construction, Infrastructure and Road Development of Chelyabinsk region. There were participants from 15 building and assembling companies of Chelyabinsk region. Evgeny Tashibaev, electrical and gas welder represented "Interpolis".

The contest included two parts: theoretical testing in form of questionnaire and practical testing which was welding of check sample. The opponents were strong enough, most of the contestants participated in such event not for the first time. Evgeny scored enough to get 3rd place. But another participant had the same number of scores. According to jury decision "Interpolis" participant was awarded the 4th place.

Evgeny took part in such contest for the first time and showed good results. By jury decision he got the same award as all prize winners - welding certificate of level 1.

This result was not accidental. The company regularly improves level of workers qualification.

"Interpolis" employees intend to take part in such contests and get prize places.