"Interpolis" proceeded to demolition at Chelyabinsk GRES site

"Interpolis" proceeded to demolition at Chelyabinsk GRES site


"Interpolis" organises and carries out demolition and preparatory works at construction site of ChGRES for the construction of two new power generating units combined cycle type 247.5 MW each.


Chelyabinsk GRES,the oldest power plant in Chelyabinsk region, was built in 1930 under GOELRO plan. In November 2011 it was decided to build two new CHP units in ChGRES. It gives new modern power facilities for Chelyabinsk region, which always experiences shortages of electricity. In addition it allows the further development of Chelyabinsk as a region center.

Site preparation for construction and demolition works are important part of construction start which demands thorough preparation. "Interpolis" was awarded the contracts to perform full-scale works: design, industrial safety expertise, demolition works, construction, waste removal and disposal.

The construction site occupies a half of ChGRES area. There are 70 objects for demolition. Currently the site is covered with blocked and separate buildings and other industrial facilities of different types, sizes and condition. The most difficult objects for dismantling are foundry, boiler-welding shop, mazut tanks.

The contract has specified a very strict time limit in only two and a half months. Works are carried out in accordance with the schedule provided specific deadline for each object. The demolition was started on May 15, all works will be completed by May 31.

Methods of demolition: gradual dismantling and building failure. "Interpolis" uses cranes of different types, bulldozers, hydraulic excavators and hydrohammers.

It should be mentioned that demolition is a technically time-consuming process and requires special training and professionalism. "Interpolis" pays special attention to works safety. The company has special Certificates of Admission to work at the most dangerous and technically complex objects like ChGRES.

"Interpolis" executes demolition works while ChGRES operates normally. The company provides safety operating regime for infrastructure and engineering networks at ChGRES area: trunk pipeline supplying heat for residents, grids, gas pipelines.

"Interpolis" approach to demolition is ecologically friendly. It includes deconstruction of equipment and materials suitable for reuse (reinforced concrete structures, steel structures, pipes) and sorting waste for recycling (scrap).  This approach reduces the harmful effects on the environment.