Construction of DH-lines for the new-built residential district called AKADEM Riverside


On the eve of 2014 "Interpolis" completed construction of heat supply network for AKADEM City.

Expertise of "Interpolis" specialists obtained by carrying out other large infrastructure project such as Churilovo district (40 000 residents) and Krasnopolsky site (80 000 residents) ensured a high quality and fast pace of construction.

"Interpolis" started the project in the summer of 2013, but the active phase of construction took place in September - November of 2013. It was connected with the increasing the number of "commissioning houses". "Interpolis" built district heating network for 3 housing complexes which include about 40 houses. More 3.5 km of pipelines of different diameters were laid, 16 apartment houses were provided with heat. Besides the company built all necessary infrastructure to connect all houses to central heating.

"Interpolis" used modern materials and energy saving technology for the project. For example, heat metering units were installed at each tie-in points to the central heating system. In the future they can be included in a single monitoring and energy accounting system.