Modernization of the heat supply system in Chelyabinsk in 2013 - decision for the future


Technology, reliability and professionalism - modern energy engineering in Chelyabinsk region

"Interpolis", a strategic partner of OAO "Fortum", has acted as a Main Contractor for next stage of heat supply system modernization in Chelyabinsk. Modernization program in 2013 has included transfer heat load from Chelyabinsk CHP-2 to CHP-1. It has involved upgrade of equipment of power plants and construction of heating main between CHP-1 and CHP-2.

Production potential and know-how of the company allow performing not only common range of services for the full cycle engineering company: engineering investigations, design, procurement, construction and putting into operation. "Interpolis" offers new quality of project management. Our turn-key projects include getting all permits for the project, obtaining initial data for design and construction, and registration of property rights of the Owner, etc.

A distinctive aspect of this project is the use of state-of-the-art materials and technology. 

For the first time in Chelyabinsk "Interpolis" has used polyurethane-foam-insulated pipes 1200 mm in diameter for the heating main construction. Up to that moment the maximum size of pipes, used in the construction of heat networks in Chelyabinsk, had not exceed 1000 mm.

Currently the construction work is in progress. The pipelines is being fitted in some sites at the same time and advanced towards each other. Accuracy of pipe setting is controlled with modern multifunctional geodetic equipment (tachymeter, GNSS-rover, etc.), which are based on the technology of GPS-navigation. It speeds up the pace of construction in 4 times and increases the quality as well. 3.8 km of pipeline (in two-pipe design) will be laid during next 4 months.

"Interpolis" builds the high-quality pipeline in polyurethane foam (PUF) insulation with leak detection system. Nowadays it is the most cost-effective type of pipeline construction, which ensures long service life (30-35 years) and reduces all types of costs. It allows heat supply companies to monitor the DH lines performance, inform about the appearance of leakage and define location of the pipe leak without DH line operation disturbance.

Thus, the project is aimed to improving of technical capability of heat supply system, automatization of accounting and control monitoring systems, and finally changing the principle of heat supply system functioning from radial to circular.  In a whole all these measures will cut down the heat losses by 30%. Furthermore, the usage of these technologies will increase the quality level of services to the customers.