"Interpolis" completed the construction of big diameter DH line

"Interpolis" completed the construction of big diameter DH line

23.11. 2011

A phase one large-scale project for heat supply system modernization was carried out in Chelyabinsk. This project is to integrate all heat sources into a single ring circuit, the first of this kind in Russia. The Ring project has been implemented by OAO Fortum together with OOO "Interpolis".

"Interpolis" completed the turnkey construction of 7.7-kilometer DH line 1020 mm in diameter from Chelyabinsk CHP-3 to Chelyabinsk GRES networks. The DH-line makes the first semicircle that is the first step towards a single ring circuit of district heating in Chelyabinsk. It allows shift the essential part of heat load from Northwest Boiler Plant to CHP-3, a high-performance combined energy source.

Head of Chelyabinsk Administration Sergey Davydov said about importance of the project for the city: "Now it turns out that all the city heat sources can be united, the city will have new opportunities for development and construction of new districts", - said City Manager. It's the first step to reducing tariffs and I think heat prices to public will probably not rise any more".

According to Vyacheslav Melnikov, a Vice President of "Interpolis", completion of the DH-line construction is a significant event not only for Chelyabinsk city, but also for "Interpolis": "The project was interesting for us in terms of project scale as well. "Interpolis" managed to solve the challenging tasks in logistic, engineering and new technology implementation. The construction management was also rather demanding. Our partners restricted time limit for construction, that should be completed on a very tight schedule in only 4 months. We met the conditions successfully".