Heat load transfer from Chelyabinsk CHP-1 to CHP-2. Progress report


Implementation of the modernization program on Chelyabinsk heat supply system is an important priority for "Interpolis".

"Interpolis" has implemented a multifaceted project connected with upgrading the heat supply system capacities of Chelyabinsk CHP-1 and CHP-2, and constructing a large diameter heat pipeline, which will include two electric power stations in a single loop.

At that moment at CHP-1 site work on construction of heat pipeline "ChKPZ" is being almost completed, work is being carried out by 95%. Preparatory works on collectors upgrade are in progress.

Upgrade at CHP-2 facilities is more fundamental because it involves heat generation capacity. It includes reconstruction of 2 boilers, reconstruction of different pipelines, renewal of pump equipment, and installation of new control equipment. Now pipelines passing through CHP-2 area are under construction, next step is reconstruction of CHP-2 collector with increasing pipes diameters. Work at CHP-2 is being carried out by 50%.

"Interpolis" has begun the construction of the heating main between CHP-1 and CHP-2 1200 mm in diameter and 3.8 km in length (in 2-pipe design). Currently, piling process and pole setting for the future heating main is under way, pipe fitting was launched.

"Interpolis" has carries out all significant projects on a heat supply system modernization which started in 2010 when OAO "Fortum" entered at Chelyabinsk energy market. Heat load transfer from Chelyabinsk CHP-1 to CHP-2 is one of the main tasks for 2013. The project outcome is to increase efficiency of heat supply system due to resource savings.

Besides the project has a significant social value and affects well-being of the people of Chelyabinsk. As a result about a million of Chelyabinsk residents will get an uninterrupted hot water supply in the summer and savings on heating costs in the winter.