Sustainable development

The Strategic profile of "Interpolis" is closely linked to the concept of sustainable development, which is based on a balanced consideration of the economic, social and environmental aspects in the business process.

"Interpolis" is a reliable partner and responsible contractor.

"Interpolis" constantly improves its business management performance. We believe that the company will be successful if it is able to strike a balance between the interests of all stakeholders.

As EPC()-contractor "Interpolis" executes all functions needed under investment project, assumes risks and provides warranty. It ensures a fixed period of final completion after achieving the main technical parameters of the project under construction.

The company has comprehensive production potential, which provides production flexibility needed for projects group management as well as reduces the term of construction. Availability of constant level of emergency stocks allows proceeding to project construction right after signing a contract.

The company offers the perfect risk-free conditions for cooperation because the payments can be made after work completion. This model, which has become traditional in the interaction with our Partners, ensures on-time project delivery.

"Interpolis" carries out the projects under international and Russian standards.

The strict compliance with the environmental regulations and minimization of environmental impact are our main concern during the construction in extremely sensitive environment.

The innovative potential of the company depends on the professionalism of its staff. "Interpolis" creates conditions for the staff development due to be competitive on the market. 

Our mission, motto and values - mutual trust, responsible partnership, high quality services and commitment to development - form a basis for Performance Excellence, a cornerstone of the company activity.

We are different in main: Quality, Reliability, On-time construction.