Demolition and Deconstruction

 "Interpolis" performs all kinds of demolition work including:

  • demolition or deconstruction of residential buildings and industrial facilities;
  • demolition work at especially dangerous industrial sites;
  • demolition of foundations;
  • dismantling of utilities;
  • dismantling of metal structures;
  • dismantling of industrial equipment at power, oil refinery, chemical and metallurgical plants.

Professional demolition services start with an engineering survey and site assessment.  "Interpolis" prepares all required documentation for demolition including safety work plans as well as provides industrial safety examination for a project in relevant authorities (Rostechnadzor).

"Interpolis" carries out other types of work connecting with the wide-ranging construction projects:

  • asbestos removal (if necessary);
  • any work connected with site preparation;
  • any excavation work and leveling done in connecting with construction work;
  • any construction work including zero circle construction and monolithic construction.

With our civil engineer experienced in managing and performing large-scale demolition project "Interpolis" makes the process of implementation safe, quick and easy with minimum impact to the environment and surroundings. The state-of-the-art equipment and machinery allow us to combine different demolition or deconstruction techniques and offer the most cost-effective solution.

"Interpolis" approach to demolition is ecologically friendly. It includes deconstruction of equipment and materials suitable for reuse and sorting waste for recycling. This approach reduces the harmful effects on the environment and significantly cuts down expenses.

Thanks to the wide experience and practice-proven solutions "Interpolis" performs large-scale demolition and deconstruction projects within tight deadlines.