Core activities

Key business areas

Heat power engineering:

Heat supply system:

  • design, construction and overhaul of district heating lines (DH-lines) including channelless pipelaying in PPU (polyurethane foam) and PPM (polymineral foam) insulation and other pipelines (water supply, gas pipeline);
  • installation of the Operational Remote Control System (ORC System);
  • installation of pumping equipment for heat supply system;
  • DH-lines operation and emergency work on heat supply system.

Boiler services:

  • design, construction and upgrade of boilers;
  • design, construction and overhaul of stream pipelines at power plants and boiler piping.

Nondestructive testing. Units under test: boilers, gas-supply systems, metal constructions, buildings and facilities.

Energy Efficiency:

  • design and implementation of Automatic system for commercial accounting of heat energy;
  • design and installation of domestic heating plants.

Infrastructure and facilities:

  • design and erection of load-bearing structures, bridges, overpasses and flyovers;
  • construction of prefabricated steel buildings;
  • construction of industrial and residential buildings;
  • construction of engineering infrastructure: gas pipelines, water supply and sewage systems;
  • demolition of industrial and residential buildings including dismantling of engineering infrastructure and equipment.